The school buildings are as follows: The foundation Phase Block and the InterSen Phase Block.Although the school structure is not old BUILT IN 1992 it is falling because it was poorly built. The roof is leaking. We do not have enough classrooms. We have only 9 including the hall which is used as grade 2 and 3 class. One classroom of the 9 is used as a: computer room/ store room/ pantry all in one room. The then staff room is used as a kitchen now since we do not have a space for preparing food.

We do not have a kitchen, a hall, a computer room, store rooms, library, dining hall, staff room and proper grounds. Admin Block at all we do not have a class suitable for Grade R at all.


The fence is low  and falling with rotten poles and net. Cows and any one can force him and easily open the gate. This makes us vulnerable to crime. With proper fencing, crime rate would be less because the school has been experiencing burglary and theft.

This fencing issue is also affecting our school garden. We do have a garden but it is not properly fenced. This makes it difficult for us to plant vegetables in the garden.


The school has managed to organise public works to build grounds but they are not up to standard. We are still in a process of enlarging the playground. We are not getting assistance in this matter

The school has managed to buy playing equipment for grade R. although it is not fenced and not up to standard. A multipurpose field would help very much.



We are still using pit system toilets although we have water taps in the school yard. The toilets had fallen and we used funds from the allocated budget from the department. Our mission is to have flushing system toilets with washing basins for hands.

Toilets renovated



The school has a cricket pitch but it is outside the school yard and cows tramp on it.